Standard Content Management Features

Standard features of the Arcsite Content Management System:

Form-Based Editing

No need to learn HTML or special software - just login and submit your content through a few simple forms!

Jan 1, 2003 23:00 - Arcsite's Content Management System allows you to add, edit and delete time-sensitive website content by using simple web-based forms. Your website can be updated from any Internet location, without the need of special software nor HTML skills, making your website maintenance as easy as possible.

Full Customizable

Arcsite can be configured to meet your needs. We have created shopping cart systems for small business, membership management applications, news and information systems.

Jan 1, 2003 22:00 - Arcsite's extensive control panel allows us to create a custom Internet Application for your specific needs. From news and event information, to custom shopping cart solutions, Arcsite can meet your needs.

Secure Login System

Arcsite members and administrators are given a password and are assigned a security role, which specifies what they can see and edit, and what they can't view or touch.

Jan 1, 2003 21:00 - Arcsite provides the ability to assign security roles for your website administrators, management team, members, guests, and visitors. After successfully logging in, your website patrons can only view & edit those items that have been assigned to them - all other areas are unreachable.

This means that you can easily create a "Members only", or "Board only" area on your website, that you can use as an electronic "whiteboard" to share files and ideas.

Site Search

ARCSite incorporates the PicoSearch (tm) site search mechanism into all its websites, for fast, accurate search results.

Jan 1, 2003 20:00 - All ARCSite websites are fully indexed with keywords and descriptions to make Internet Search Engine indexing fast and accurate.

By using the PicoSearch site search engine, visitors to an ARCSite can quickly and easily find the content they are looking for.


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